Ten Super Easy Tips for Decluttering your Home

It is surprising how untidy a house will look when it is loaded with clutter. There is no shame in an untidy home – It happens to all of us at times, but we all reach a point where the clutter becomes too much. 


What can we do to reduce or remove the clutter?

Here are Suburban Home Services’ top ten tips for quickly and easily decluttering your home.

1. Clear off the kitchen benches. 

Take everything off the kitchen benches that you don’t use every day. Hide away washing up liquid, sponges and scourers. To make your kitchen welcoming, you could add one pretty decorative item to the kitchen benches. A lovely bunch of flowers will not only look good, but smell amazing too. 

2. Take everything off the fridge. 

We all end up with  magnets, sticky notes, shopping lists or the kids artwork on our fridge. These items might be sentimental or handy, but they can really impact on your kitchen and make it look cluttered. 

3. Haven’t used it in the last six months? Re-home or dump it. 

This is our motto. Either pack up the items into storage containers for later use, or donate, sell, giveaway or dump it..  

4. Recycle old electronics. 

If you have old computers, mobile phones, televisions etc donate them for recycling. 

5. Give Away. 

If you have excess furniture or household items that you don’t want, post them on gumtree, facebook community boards or even pop them out the front with a give away sign. You can usually find someone who needs these items and will pick them up for free.

6. Empty the magazine rack, coffee table or bookcase. 

Do you have old magazines, books, junk mail or letters laying around? Go through them, and put unwanted ones, in the recycle bin. Stack the rest in a tidy pile, in one place. 

7. Clear off the bathroom counters. 

The bathroom is another area where cluttered counter tops can make the whole room look untidy. Go through the items and bin empty bottles. Pop other items into drawers or cupboards. You will be surprised how a clear bench will improve the appearance of your bathroom. 

8. Buy or make a shoe rack.  

Piles of shoes outside or inside your front door is unappealing. Popping them on a shoe rack will instantly make the area tidy. (and safer too ! Who hasn’t tripped over a stack of shoes)

9. Wash the dishes or pop them in the dishwasher.  

I know….  this is so basic !  But dirty dishes really are not appealing.  Did I hear some complaints? Come on..  hop up off your seat and get started. In the time it takes to complain, the job could be done !!  lol 

10. Make your bed. 

Are you getting tired yet? Now your last task is to make your bed (you could tidy your room while you are there.. )  Warning….. do not be tempted to lie down, even for just a minute.. I know you are thinking about it..  making the bed is a good start to tidying your home. Once that is done, clean off your side tables. It will only take a couple of minutes to do. 

There is lots more you can do other thank our Ten super easy tips for decluttering your home, but doing these is a really good start, and will not only leave your home looking good, but give you a sense of achievement too..  

On the other hand, if you just can’t face doing this yourself, give us a call at Suburban Home Services or contact us

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